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Universal Floor Levelling Compound

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Universal Floor Levelling Compound

Setcrete Universal Floor Levelling Compound 20kg - The Ultimate Self Levelling Solution

Setcrete™ Universal offers a straightforward solution as a self levelling compound, simplifying the preparation process for your subfloor. Just add water as directed, employing a suitable Mixing Paddle and Drill for a minimum of 2 minutes for easy application. This self levelling compound accommodates depths between 3mm and 6mm in a single application, ensuring a smooth and even surface.

Key Features for Self Levelling:

  • Ease of Use: Simple to prepare by adding water as instructed, facilitating hassle-free mixing for a smooth and consistent application, ideal for self levelling purposes.

  • Versatile Application Thickness: Capable of being applied in one go within depths ranging from 3mm to 6mm, ensuring adaptability to different subfloor requirements for self levelling purposes.

  • Drying Time: Approximately 24 hours for full drying, enabling the laying of floor coverings. However, walkable after 3 hours, allowing for quicker progress in your flooring project.

  • Subfloor Priming: For absorbent subfloors, a coat of Setcrete™ Acrylic Primer diluted in a specific ratio is recommended, while non-absorbent subfloors should be primed with undiluted Setcrete™ Acrylic Primer to ensure proper adhesion for self levelling purposes.

  • Working Time: Around 15 - 20 minutes at 20°C, subject to subfloor absorbency, ambient temperature, and humidity. Advised to mix one bag at a time for optimal results with this self levelling compound.

  • Limitations: Not suitable for bonding solid wood flooring; other Setcrete™ floor levelling compounds are recommended for this type of flooring.

Specifications for Self Levelling:

  • Coverage: 3.75m² at 3mm, 1.8m² at 6mm
  • Drying Time: 24 hours
  • Application Thickness: 3mm - 6mm
  • Size: 20 kg

    Universal Floor Self Levelling Compound being installed

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