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Talasey Fossestone Ebony

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Talasey Fossestone Ebony

Talasey Fossestone Ebony natural stone block paving stands as an exceptional choice for driveways, boasting both durability and aesthetic appeal. With four distinct colours available, each offering a stunning finish, you have the flexibility to mix and match these colours to craft contrasting borders and unique designs for your driveway. While all blocks maintain a nominal thickness of 50mm, it's important to note that this measurement considers the natural riven texture of the top surfaces, aligning with industry-standard tolerances, thus ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing driveway surface.

Talasey Fossestone Ebony, a dark tumbled limestone block paver, features four sawn edges and a naturally riven surface. This product marries traditional aesthetics with a contemporary colour palette. It's worth mentioning that as Ebony is a limestone, it will naturally lighten over time, enhancing its charm and character as it weathers.


  • Each piece of Fossestone undergoes a specific process to achieve its desired finish and characteristics:Honed and Lightly Polished: Some pieces undergo honing and light polishing to create a smooth and refined surface.
  • Naturally Split: Other pieces retain their natural state, resulting in a rugged and textured riven surface.
  • Sawn: Precision cutting ensures smooth, square edges for a neat appearance.
  • Tumbled: Edges are softened through tumbling, imparting a weathered and antique look.
  • Calibrated: Machine-cutting ensures consistent and nominal thickness, facilitating easier installation compared to non-calibrated stone and ensuring uniformity in piece dimensions.
  • Fossestone offers a variety of finishes and textures to cater to different design preferences while maintaining consistency in thickness for convenient installation.

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    All deliveries are 3-5 days kerbside via a tail lift service with pallet truck off loading only.

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