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Contact us on 01473 598852 & for Mobile & Whatsapp 07871 425550

110mm Underground Drainage Rectangular Hopper

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110mm Underground Drainage Rectangular Hopper


Key Features:

Versatile Design:

- Rectangular hopper designed to efficiently deliver surface water into the drainage system.

- Height adjustable with a 150mm long spigot that connects seamlessly to 110mm fittings.

Adjustable Spigot:

- The spigot can be easily cut to the required length, offering flexibility in installation.

Vertical Inlet for Rainwater Pipe:

- Equipped with a vertical inlet specifically designed for rainwater pipes, enhancing drainage efficiency.

Rectangular Top:

- The top is rectangular, facilitating easy abutment to slabs and providing a sleek appearance.


- Depth: 185mm - Height: 255mm - Length: 275mm - Width: 185mm

Effective Drainage System:

- These 110mm drainage pipe hoppers play a crucial role in removing surface water from gathering and redirecting wastewater from alternative outlets.

- Ensures a dry and surface water-free area by seamlessly connecting to the underground drainage system.

Rectangular Grids:

- Featuring rectangular grids, these drains offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Upgrade your drainage system effortlessly with the 110mm Underground Drainage Rectangular Hopper. Experience efficient surface water removal, easy installation, and a versatile solution that complements your drainage needs. Ensure a dry and functional outdoor space by integrating these hoppers into your drainage system. Invest in quality for a reliable and effective drainage solution today.

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