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Contact us on 01473 598852 & for Mobile & Whatsapp 07871 425550

Tobermore Lansdowne Burren

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£520.69 - £520.69
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Tobermore Lansdowne Burren

Tobermore Lansdowne Burren bricks undergo a tumbling process, resulting in an elegant, aged appearance that adds warmth and character to any home. Crafted with the highest-quality Iron Oxide colour pigments, these bricks ensure vibrant hues that maintain their colour integrity for years. You have the option of both solid and blended colours, empowering you to create stunning architectural designs and infuse a touch of style and definition into any building.


  • Tobermore Lansdowne Burren offers a rustic-effect facing brick expertly processed to achieve an aged, antique appearance.
  • It brings warmth, character, and style to any home, boasting vibrant, long-lasting colours.
  • These bricks are versatile, suitable for enhancing both modern and traditional home designs. 

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Delivery approximately 3 days though some Tobermore products are imported from Ireland, this might extend lead times. Rest assured, your goods will arrive swiftly and securely via our specialised haib lorry equipped with a crane.

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