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Contact us on 01473 598852 & for Mobile & Whatsapp 07871 425550

Plasterboard Lift Adjustable Hire

Original price £50.11 - Original price £133.10
Original price
£50.11 - £133.10
Current price £94.17

Plasterboard Lift Adjustable Hire


Introducing the Plasterboard Lift Adjustable Hire, a game-changer for your construction or renovation projects. This versatile and adjustable lift is designed to simplify the installation of plasterboard, making your tasks more efficient and precise.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height: The standout feature of this plasterboard lift is its adjustable height, allowing you to easily reach various heights during plasterboard installations with precision.

  • Sturdy Construction: Built with durability in mind, the lift ensures stability and reliability, providing a secure platform for the seamless installation of plasterboard.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Equipped with easy-to-use controls, the Plasterboard Lift Adjustable simplifies the installation process, making it accessible for both experienced craftsmen and those new to plasterboard work.


  • Efficient Installations: The adjustable height feature allows you to position plasterboard accurately, ensuring a flawless and efficient installation process.

  • Time Savings: Experience a significant reduction in installation time, as the Plasterboard Lift Adjustable streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and additional support.

  • Enhanced Safety: The sturdy construction and adjustable design contribute to a safer working environment, providing stability during plasterboard installations.

Unique Points:

  • Trusted Rental Provider: From UK Building Supplies, a reputable name in construction equipment, the Plasterboard Lift Adjustable Hire guarantees quality and reliability for your lifting and installation needs.

  • Versatility in Application: The adjustable feature makes this lift suitable for various ceiling heights, making it a versatile tool for different projects.

Elevate your plasterboard installations with the Plasterboard Lift Adjustable Hire. Rent now to experience the efficiency and precision needed for successful and hassle-free construction projects

Delivery in approximately 1-5 days direct to you with a call 1 hour prior to delivery so no need to wait in all day. Need it as soon as possible? Call now or use the chat option in the bottom right corner. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE. If you DO NOT include insurance you will be liable for any damage and/or cleaning if and where needed. Also any machinery where fuel has NOT been replenished is chargeable.

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