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Contact us on 01473 598852 & for Mobile & Whatsapp 07871 425550

Harmony 30mm Artificial Grass

Original price £257.00 - Original price £2,570.00
Original price
£257.00 - £2,570.00
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Harmony 30mm Artificial Grass

Harmony 30mm Artificial Grass, boasting a C-Shape yarn structure and a captivating blend of yarn colours featuring various shades of field green and forest green with a fawn thatch, stands out in the market for its unique attributes. Unlike most artificial grasses that are equipped with a latex backing to secure the stitches and enhance durability, Harmony takes a different approach. While latex backing is commonly used and generally reliable, it can trap moisture, potentially leading to noticeable odors. In contrast, Harmony proudly features a latex-free composition, employing cutting-edge polypropylene dispersion technology to facilitate the seamless passage of liquids through the grass, all the while maintaining the grass's structural integrity and stability. This remarkable feature makes Harmony 30mm Artificial Grass an ideal choice for pet owners who value both aesthetics and functionality. What sets Harmony apart further is its commitment to sustainability—it is not only made from recycled materials but is also fully recyclable, making it the only grass of its kind in the UK.

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Artificial Grass Maintenance

As with all artificial grasses there's virtually no maintenance needed. No mowing, no watering and no mud.

Versatile and durable 

Can be used to improve the look of any outdoor or indoor space with a wide range of applications. Supplied with a 10 year UV guarantee its also extremely hard wearing. Long lasting and will withstand regular use even in high traffic areas. 


Ideal for children and pets Harmony 30mm Artificial Grass provides a clean and safe alternative to natural grass. Putting a stop to keeping pets clean and is robust enough to cope with playful and demanding children.


Excellent drainage with pre punched holes makes it very permeable whilst also drying out quickly too. A high quality backing holds the grass in place preventing them being pulled out. 

Expert tips for your Harmony 30mm Artificial Grass

Roll out your artificial grass and leave to settle before installing. This will allow the grass time to relax and acclimatise. Each order placed is taken from the same batch to ensure colour consistency. 

All deliveries are within 1-3 working days kerbside via a tail lift or long van service

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