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Door Linings

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Original price
£24.78 - £35.80
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Door Linings

Door Lining and Stops - Precision-Crafted Softwood Casings for Easy Door Installation. Crafted as premium softwood door linings, available in widths of 115mm, 138mm, and 150mm, these linings are meticulously manufactured from slow-grown timber, offering precision finishing and full machining for exceptional quality.

Key Features

  • Purposeful Design: The primary function of a casing or lining set is to elegantly surround internal doors, facilitating seamless and effortless door installation.

  • Premium Material: Manufactured from high-quality selected Scandinavian Whitewood (spruce), ensuring durability and reliability in use.

  • Responsibly Sourced: All softwoods utilized are responsibly sourced, emphasizing environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.

  • Adjustable Widths: Designed with adjustable widths to accommodate various door sizes and frames, offering flexibility in installation.

  • Unfinished Design: Supplied unfinished, ready to paint or stain as desired, allowing customization to match interior aesthetics.

  • Redwood Fire Door Lining Option: Additionally available in Redwood Fire Door Lining variant for specialised applications.


  • Available Widths: 115mm, 138mm, 150mm
  • Material: High-Quality Selected Scandinavian Whitewood (Spruce)
  • Finish: Supplied Unfinished, Ready to Paint or Stain


  • 32x115 686/762mm Finishes 27.5x108mm
  • 32x115 762/838mm Finishes 27.5x108mm
  • 32x138 686/762mm Finishes 27.5x132mm
  • 32x138 762/838mm Finishes 27.5x132mm
  • Fire Rated (30mins) 38x138 762/838mm Finishes 32x132mm

Door lining close up

Fire Door

Fire door lining

Delivery for these products can be 1-5 days

Please note timber can vary in colour depending on area of the UK

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