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Auto Retractable Ratchet

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Elevate Your Cargo Management with Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie-Downs


Introducing our range of Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie-Downs, where innovation meets reliability. Choose between the robust 50mm wide x 3m long 1500kg model or the compact yet powerful 25mm wide x 1.8m long 600kg version for a seamless cargo securing experience.

50mm x 3m 1500kg Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down

Key Features

  • Auto Retractable Mechanism: Effortlessly tighten and release the strap with our cutting-edge auto retractable system, eliminating the need for manual winding.

  • Heavy-Duty Build: Trust in the strength of this tie-down to secure loads with 1500kg breaking load, providing robust and reliable cargo protection.

  • Versatility: Perfect for a variety of applications, from equipment transport to household items.

  • Quick Release Button: Swiftly unload and release tension with the quick-release button, streamlining your workflow.


  • Effortless Operation: Simplify your cargo securing process with the user-friendly auto retractable feature.

  • Reliable Security: Enjoy peace of mind during transit with the secure grip of our heavy-duty tie-down.

  • Time-Saving: Improve efficiency with the quick-release button and auto retractable design, making loading and unloading a breeze.

Unique Points

  • Innovative Design: Stand out in the crowd with the modern auto retractable mechanism, setting your tie-down apart from traditional options.

  • Safety Assurance: The heavy-duty build and reliable functionality ensure that your cargo stays in place, reducing the risk of accidents during transit.

Auto Retractable Ratchet 50mm

25mm x 3m 600kg Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down

Key Features

  • Auto Retractable System: Enjoy the same convenience and ease of operation in a more compact 600kg version.

  • Versatile Application: Tailored for smaller loads, this tie-down is ideal for various cargo types, from DIY materials to camping gear.

  • Quick-Release Button: Enhance your workflow with the quick-release button, allowing for swift unloading and tension release.


  • Effortless Operation: The auto retractable feature simplifies the entire tie-down process, making it accessible and user-friendly.

  • Compact and Portable: Despite its modest size, the 600kg capacity provides a portable solution without compromising on strength.

  • Time-Saving: Bid farewell to time-consuming tie-down procedures; the quick-release button and auto retractable design speed up your cargo management tasks.

Unique Points

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Stand out with the modern auto retractable system, showcasing your commitment to innovation in cargo securing.

  • Adaptable Strength: Despite its compact size, the 600kg capacity sets this tie-down apart, offering robust security for a variety of loads.

Auto Retractable Ratchet 25mm

Secure your cargo effortlessly with our Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie-Downs. Choose the 1500kg model for heavy-duty applications or the 600kg version for a compact yet powerful solution. Order now for a reliable, innovative, and time-saving approach to cargo management.

Delivery approximately 1-5 days

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