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Namgrass Artificial Grass Installation

Namgrass Artificial Grass Installation

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Namgrass Artificial Grass: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you dreaming of a lush, vibrant outdoor space but dreading the upkeep? Namgrass Artificial Grass might just be the solution you've been searching for! With an array of options designed to suit various needs, Namgrass offers premium artificial grass products that promise to transform your surroundings effortlessly.

Namgrass Artificial Grass Products

Namgrass presents a diverse selection of artificial grass products, each tailored to cater to different preferences and spaces. The Elise range, offers versatility for various settings. Meanwhile, the Exbury range provides a natural appearance. For those seeking low maintenance and realism, why not try the Serenity range.

How to Install Namgrass Artificial Grass

Step 1: Preparing the Area

- Remove old turf using a turf cutter for larger areas.
- Fit a durable edge around the Namgrass area, matching its height to your chosen pile height.

Step 2: Fitting the Edge

- Ensure the Namgrass has a neat and durable edge, considering the available pile heights (16mm to 38mm).

Step 3: Laying the Base

- Cover the area with Type 1 aggregate and top it with Grano dust for a firm base.
- Compact the base using a compacter and maintain a depth below the edging.
- Create a slight slope towards the edges to accommodate settlement over time.
- Apply a weed membrane over the base and pin it close to the edging.

Step 4: Installing Namgrass

- Lay the Namgrass over the area, allowing for overlapping edges for trimming.
- Join multiple pieces of Namgrass, ensuring the pile runs in the same direction.
- Leave the Namgrass to settle for a couple of hours and then carefully trim the overlapping edges.
- Optionally, use kiln-dried sand infill for stability, brushing the grass to settle the sand.

Joining Two Lengths Together

Step 1: Cutting the Lengths

- Align the two lengths and cut through the latex between rows of stitching, avoiding damage to the grass blades.

Step 2: Joining the Lengths

- Align the cut lengths, lay joining tape, and apply adhesive along the tape.
- Fold the Namgrass edges onto the tape, pressing firmly and making adjustments for a seamless finish.
- Allow the glue to set for at least two hours or longer if the temperature is below freezing.

Benefits of Namgrass Artificial Grass

Namgrass doesn't just promise a beautiful aesthetic; it brings a host of benefits to your outdoor space. From requiring minimal upkeep to maintaining year-round beauty, boasting durability, being pet-friendly, and promoting environmental consciousness by reducing water usage, Namgrass artificial grass ticks all the boxes.

Purchasing Namgrass Artificial Grass

Ready to experience the convenience and beauty of Namgrass? Look no further than UK Building Supplies. Our selection of Namgrass products makes transforming your space as easy as a few clicks away.

In conclusion, Namgrass Artificial Grass offers a hassle-free solution to revamp your outdoor space. Whether you're seeking versatility, minimal maintenance, durability, or a pet-friendly environment, Namgrass has you covered. Follow our detailed installation guide and make your outdoor dreams a reality with Namgrass from UK Building Supplies.

Now, take your time, enjoy the process, and relish in the beauty of your newly transformed area!
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