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Building Aggregates: The Foundation of Construction

Building Aggregates: The Foundation of Construction

Introducing Building Aggregates: The Foundation of Construction

When it comes to constructing sturdy and reliable structures, the choice of building aggregates plays an indispensable role. At UK Building Supplies, we take pride in offering an extensive range of premium aggregates, catering to both large-scale projects with our 1-tonne bags and smaller needs with convenient 20kg bags. Let's delve into the versatile world of our top-quality aggregates and their myriad applications.

Understanding the Essential Building Aggregates:

Sharp Sand:

Purpose: Ideal for creating a solid base for paving, laying bricks, and rendering.
Applications: Perfect for mortar mixes, laying slabs, and creating concrete.

sharp sand

Soft Sand:

Purpose: Renowned for its versatility in various construction applications.
Applications: Perfect for rendering, plastering, and mixing with cement.

Soft sand

Builders Sand:

Purpose: A foundational material for various construction needs.
Applications: Suitable for bricklaying, screeding, and general construction purposes.

builders sand


Purpose: Known for its strength and durability, making it crucial in construction.
Applications: Essential for concrete mixes, providing stability in foundations and pathways.


Granite Dust:

Purpose: Adds strength and stability to surfaces.
Applications: Often used in paving and as a base for artificial grass installation.

granite dust

MOT Type 1:

Purpose: Provides a robust sub-base for driveways, paths, and roads.
Applications: Ideal for constructing highways and hard-standing areas.

mot type 1

10mm Gravel:

Purpose: A versatile aggregate with various construction applications.
Applications: Suitable for drainage, decorative purposes, and pathways.

10mm gravel

20mm Gravel:

Purpose: Known for its durability and strength.
Applications: Perfect for driveways, drainage, and landscaping projects.

20mm gravel

Elevate Your Projects with UK Building Supplies

At UK Building Supplies and UK Paving Supplies our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our comprehensive range of aggregates, available in 1-tonne and 20kg bags, ensures that projects of any scale receive the attention to detail they deserve. Whether you're a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, our products are crafted to meet your diverse needs.

Visit to explore our complete selection of building aggregates and take the first step towards enhancing the strength and durability of your construction projects.

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